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kenmark air in partnership with rheem
Kenmark Air is Proud to Work Directly with Rheem to Bring You Exceptional Quality at Very Affordable Prices

Kenmark Air Cooling and Heating has been working directly with Rheem for many years to deliver high efficiency, high quality, Rheem heating and cooling solutions to southwest Florida residents at exceptionally good prices. Rheem, one of the most respected names in the industry because it helped build the industry, has a long-established and well-deserved reputation as a leader in the residential heating and cooling market, providing an extensive array of powerful, yet highly efficient and moderately-priced units perfect for typical single-family homes.
Rheem products, respected for their reliability, are consistently manufactured to meet or exceed rigorous industry and regulatory standards for quality, reliability, efficiency, and air & water quality.
From design and fabrication to finished product assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is rigorously monitored and measured to ensure the highest quality , durability and operating excellence. Rheem products are routinely tested and certified by various government and third-party testing labs to ensure quality standards.

For Example...

The Rheem Value Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner (pictured at right) is designed to give you proven quality and lasting comfort from a name you trust and a price you’ll love.

Additional Benefits

Energy Savings - Two-stage cooling design operates at low most of the time, providing comfortable temperatures while reducing energy use. The system only operates at high when necessary during peak, warm weather conditions. Your energy savings are further increased by a cooling efficiency rating of up to 16 SEER.
Greater Comfort - When matched with the Rheem 16AJL Air Handler, the system adjusts airflow to enhance humidity control more effectively for unsurpassed comfort in the cooling mode.
Low-Cost Maintenance -  Convenient access to internal components means contractors can make most adjustments without shutting the entire system down. Advanced two-stage compressor technology provides quick diagnostic capabilities for contractors, keeping their time and your cost to a minimum.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Quality and Comfort

We understand that purchasing heating and cooling equipment is an investment. With Rheem, it’s one you can expect to continually perform and deliver value for your family long-term. We’ve designed the Rheem Value Series to provide comfort you can count on.
Protective Design -  Full metal cabinet protects the coil from hail, lawn debris and keeps curious children safe.
Superior Finish -  Powder-painted metal cabinet finish exceeds the industry 1,000 hour salt-spray testing requirement, guarding against the elements and rust, keeping your investment visually pleasing.
Rheem Quality -  Complete factory run testing ensures your Rheem equipment operates at peak performance before being installed in your home.

Chances are, the last thing you think about is your air conditioner. You just expect to be comfortable. That’s why Rheem is a wise choice for air conditioning solutions. Talk to your Kenmark Air representative to find out more about Rheem’s innovative products with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. All of this is why we confidently say, “Relax, It’s Rheem.”
CONTACT Kenmark Air's team of residential and commercial HVAC specialists today, to find out how Rheem's line of quality, residential heating and air conditioning products can help you and your family get the most worry-free enjoyment out of your home!

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