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Kenmark Air and AeroSealTM
Save you Money on your Utility Bills

This patented Duct Repair Technology seals 70% to 90% of leaks using a
fast and cost-effective method
A typical house with ducts located in the attic or crawl space wastes about 20% of heating and cooling energy through duct leaks. These leaks, as well as those between duct joints and beyond bends and junctions can be sealed remotely by Kenmark Air using our NEW Aeroseal system.
Aeroseal duct diagnostics and sealing
Once leaks are sealed, conditioned air is delivered more effectively and your HVAC system can operate more efficiently.In addition, indoor comfort is increased because cooled or heated air is distributed more quickly and uniformly.
Kenmark Air is now proud to offer this exciting new technology that seals air leaks in heating and cooling duct systems from the inside. The cost of labor is often prohibitive when sealing duct leaks using conventional methods. Aeroseal's fully automated process greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of this energy- and money-saving retrofit. The Aeroseal system can be used to increase HVAC system efficiency in many commercial buildings as well.
Kenmark Air aeroseal duct repair technology Click the image to see it full-sized. How it works:
First, Kenmark Air's highly-trained technicians perform a rapid quality assessment of the condition of the duct system. If leaks are detected, the registers and coil/fan/furnace of your HVAC system are temporarily blocked and the Aeroseal system distributes small dry adhesive particles into pressurized ductwork. The suspended particles travel in the airflow toward the only place left to exit: CRACKS AND LEAKS. As the air stream turns sharply through leaks, the particles are flung against leak walls, allowing a seal to build up, sealing leaks as large as 5/8 inch across — without leaving excess deposits on duct surfaces. Air flow, duct pressure and particle size are optimally controlled by a powerful computer program throughout the process to maximize leak sealing.
The Aeroseal software enables us to print system analyses, diagnostic results and benefits documentation on the spot, so we can review them with the homeowner immediately.
Are you experiencing any of these problems?
  • Your energy bills seem high
  • Your A/C or heater runs continuously
  • The rooms in your home are different temperatures
  • Your HVAC system return air ducts are loud
  • Your home is very dusty
  • You're concerned about the quality of your indoor air
If so, you should Contact Kenmark Air and inquire about our NEW Aeroseal Duct Repair services
Kenmark Air saves homeowners money Aeroseal Features:
  • Seals duct systems (including flex, duct board, and sheet metal) remotely using an internally injected aerosol
  • Reaches everywhere. Gets to leaks that are virtually impossible to reach using other methods
  • Injects aerosol particles 2 to 20 μm in diameter: small enough to reach leaks before settling out of the air stream
  • During sealing, deposits only about 4 tablespoons of sealant on duct walls with no measured loss in air flow
  • Seals leaks as large as 5/8 inch across (preferred limit is 1/4 inch)
  • Sealing material is guaranteed for 10 years
  • Increases system capacity, including heat pumps
  • Software prints “Duct Performance Diagnostic Summaries” for customer review
  • Automated sealing process with complete on-screen pre–and post–sealing leakage analysis
  • Provides customer with “Certificate of Sealing” process including duct system improvement
  • Reduces heating and cooling energy use by up to 25%, creating annual utility bill savings of up to $300
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces dust, excess humidity, attic/basement fumes and radon gas from being pulled into the home
  • Increases room or zone comfort
  • Identifies “unsafe” carbon monoxide gas conditions

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