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Kenmark Air has partnered with the Comfort Institute to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of heating & cooling service and installations, at competitive prices. As a supported Comfort Institute HVAC contractor, we have provided a series of informational videos that focus on the Whole House Approach for all aspects of home comfort. We are dedicated to achieving a safe, healthy, clean, comfortable and affordable indoor environment for you.

Kenmark Air provides homeowners and businesses alike with valuable information that includes ways to reduce or completely eliminate common problems such as:

• hot and cold spots
• excessive dust
• allergy and asthma suffering
• dry or damp indoor air
• noisy or unreliable HVAC units
• excessive utility bills

As a CI certified contractor, Kenmark Air “goes beyond the box” to solve problems like those listed above and more. Please CONTACT US for your home evaluation today.

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